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Bulk Pack

18 Mouthguards for in-treatment use


$ 120.00


Select Colour Combinations


If you cannot find a stockist in your area or they do not have the mouthguard you require, for your convenience please purchase using our on-line store. If you need assistance on which mouthguard is suitable, please contact us.

For Custom Build Mouthguard Enquiries: Contact Us

  • Product Description

    This pack contains 18 sports packaged Orthodontic mouthguards and can feature a mix of Junior or Senior sizes in two colours. You may select from the variations available below. If your preferred combination is not listed below, please either detail your specific requirements in the Order Notes section at the Checkout or contact us direct with your requirements and we will assist you.

    • 18 Junior Dark Blue
    • 18 Junior Clear
    • 18 Senior Dark Blue
    • 18 Senior Clear
    • 9 Junior Clear + 9 Junior Dark Blue
    • 9 Senior Clear + 9 Senior Dark Blue
    • 9 Junior Clear + 9 Senior Clear
    • 9 Junior Dark Blue + 9 Senior Dark Blue
  • Sizing Guide

    Sizing is best approximated using your age and an estimation of your average dentition (mouth) size.

    As a guide use the below suggestions for deciding which size is right for you. Typically, males have larger dentitions then women. Particularly throughout youth and teenage years. Adults with smaller than average dentitions or strong gag reflexes are encouraged to consider teen sizes for comfort.

    Note: Not all Mouthguards are available in all sizes. Please select from the drop down menus provided.


    • Ages 5-10 (Kids)
    • Ages 9-12 (Youth)
    • Ages 12-17 (Teen)
    • Ages 17+ (Adult)
    • Ages 11-15 (Junior – Orthodontic)
    • Ages 15+ (Senior – Orthodontic)


  • Product Care
    • Rinse the mouthguard with cold water before using it.
    • Hot water should never be used as it could cause the mouthguard to lose its shape.
    • A soft toothbrush with toothpaste or mouthwash can also be used to clean the mouthguard after use.
    • Rinse with water and dry the mouthguard thoroughly before storing in the case.
    • You may also refit your mouthguard many times using the instructions provided.
    • Be careful not to boil the mouthguard itself as it will shrink and deform at or near boiling temperature. This is why we call our water adaption technique “Warm and Fit”.

    If you do NOT get a satisfactory fit following the instructions then please try to refit the guard. However apply the mouthguard to the warm water 30 seconds earlier then recommended in the instructions. Doing this provides more heat into the mouthguard material which in turn can allow more accurate moulding. Be careful not to burn your mouth, the mouth has many nerve endings sensitive to heat.

    If you have a query then please do not hesitate to contact us, Signature have never met a mouth we couldn’t correctly fit with our products.

  • General Features

    Signature Warm and Fit Mouthguard’s share the following features.

    • Remouldable Soft Dental Vinyl
    • Controlled Thicknesses
    • Limited Dental Warranty (Excludes Orthodontic)
    • Front and Side Impact Shields
    • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Bacterial Case
    • Anatomical Likeness in Design
    • Full Coverage Of Teeth and Gums
    • Suitable for all School Sports
    • Meets Accepted International Standards

    Signature Type 4 and Type 3 VIPA designs share the following unique features

    • Front Impact Shield (Type 4)
    • 100 Percent Embedded Anterior Polycarbonate Insert (VIPA)
    • Both Gel (Type 4) and Non-Gel Fitting Systems (VIPA)
    • Type 3 VIPA uses A vector design insert and NO GEL
    • Type 4 + Features includes ProPlusGel, Anti Torque Bar and Ripple Strips
    • Dentist Supplied VIPA T4 Designs come with an Australian Health-Care Rebate
    • Warm and Fit + Dentist Fit Custom Builds – Dentists Contact: