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Fitting & Care Instructions


Fitting & Care Instructions

Orthodontic & Types 1, 2, 3 & 4

1. Place mouthguard over upper teeth to test for size.

2. If too long or uncomfortable carefully trim along trim guides with scissors for a better fit. Avoid trimming the front of the mouthguard, where possible.

3. Practise pressing mouthguard firmly to the roof of the mouth with tongue, whilst biting gently on the mouthguard.

4. Boil a jug or kettle of water and pour into a mug or bowl and ALLOW TO COOL FOR THREE (3) MINUTES.  **IMPORTANT!** to avoid scalds and burns. This nears the optimum water temperature to warm & fit a Signature mouthguard (77 degrees Celsius)

5. Add the mouthguard to the mug or bowl for one (1) minute, submerging completely. (Strap will assist in keeping mouthguard submerged) DO NOT HEAT ANY OTHER WAY. Remove mouthguard with a fork (or strap) and shake water off.

6. Once cool enough to touch insert mouthguard into mouth and bite down firmly to obtain an even bite impression. Do not bite through the mouthguard.

7. With the mouthguard in position, suck the mouthguard into place by exerting pressure with the tongue against the roof of the mouth, and with your fingers massage the outside of your lips and cheeks for 30 seconds to mould the mouthguard around the teeth and gums.

8. Remove mouthguard and place in cold water for 10 seconds.

9. If fit is not comfortable, repeat steps 4 – 8.

10. If traces of blood are present when you remove the mouthguard from your mouth (not uncommon), visit your dentist for professional teeth cleaning/advice.

Note: If you have purchased a mouthguard with a strap, please follow the picture to attach the strap to your mouthguard and helmet.

This completes the fitting of the Signature® Orthodontic, Types 1 & 2 and Type 3 VIPA & Dentist 2GO mouthguards. If you have purchased a Signature® Type 3 or 4 mouthguard (both with ProPlusGel), please continue with instructions 11 to 20.

Types 3 (Not VIPA) & 4 only

11. Tap the mouthguard down firmly onto a hard surface to dislodge any surplus water remaining in the ferrules and thoroughly dry the mouthguard. **IMPORTANT!**

12. Carefully open sachet labelled “PRIMER”. Pour contents into mouthguard and spread evenly with your finger, including, the rim of the mouthguard. Gently shake off excess Primer and dry your finger.

13. Carefully open sachets labelled “Part A” & “Part B” onto a flat clean surface (e.g. a disposable plate or the mouthguard package) and keep them separate until ready to mix.

14. Using the mixing stick supplied thoroughly mix “Part A” & “Part B” together for 15 seconds to make up the ProPlusGel®.

15. Place ALL the mixed ProPlusGel®evenly into the ADULT mouthguard.

15a. Use ONLY Two Thirds (2/3) of mixed ProPlusGel® for  INTERMEDIATE/TEEN mouthguards.


16. Place the mouthguard into your mouth, close teeth and lips firmly together, but not hard. Holding this position, massage cheeks and lips in circular motions for four (4) minutes if using the Yellow ProPlusGel® or five (5) minutes if using the Blue ProPlusGel®.

17. Note, when removing the mouthguard with the set ProPlusGel®, you may experience strong suction due to the snug fit. Do not panic – this is normal! Gently jiggle mouthguard out of mouth with two hands, applying pressure to opposite sides alternately, to break seal. Rinse in cold water for 10 seconds. If the ProPlusGel® lifts out of the mouthguard, just push it back in again. For your protection the ProPlusGel® is NOT permanently glued/stuck to the mouthguard.

18. If traces of blood are present when you remove the mouthguard from your mouth (not uncommon) visit your dentist for professional teeth cleaning/advice.

19. Trim off excess ProPlusGel® with scissors for added comfort. Do not pull or tear ProPlusGel®. Do not trim ProPlusGel® at front of mouthguard as this helps in the custom fit.

20. It is recommended that you thoroughly brush your teeth to remove any ProPlusGel® that may have come loose during the fitting.

Care & Hygiene Instructions

1. To maintain normal hygiene, you should rinse the mouthguard under cold clean running water after each use.

2. Do not use detergents, bleaches or solvents to clean mouthguard.

3. Do not place mouthguard in hot or boiling water or leave on the dashboard parcel shelf of vehicle. Areas of high heat could distort mouthguard.

4. Store your mouthguard in the box supplied.

5. Your mouthguard is made for you, do not let others use it.

6. Your mouthguard has been designed for one season’s use. Replace your mouthguard every season, as your teeth can change and move.

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