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About Us


About Us

Signature Mouthguards Pty Ltd represent the International industry standard in world leading above the shoulders Oral-Facial Protection Systems.

Signature Mouthguards modern and patented systems have revolutionised how dentists, patients and elite athletes use our products. Only Signature Systems feature pressure adaptable precision tooled Mouthguard designs with embedded Polycarbonate VIPA shields and high-retention reinforcements. Signature Mouthguards range include warm and fit, ProPlusGel Fit and professional level, dentally prescribed custom build upgrades.

For over 20 years we have been leaders in the supply of ‘state of the art’ mouthguards to teams and athletes worldwide. We have been recognised worldwide as the inventors of the modern day mouthguard. (Quintessence, March 1994).

All Signature products are designed and manufactured in Australia and exported around the world.

We use all traditional pressure laminating techniques and proprietary pressure
adaption technology to build our custom VIPA range only available from your Dentist.

Easy To Use.

Our system makes it simple to complete triple laminated custom mouthguards.

Warm and Fit Plus Vacuum and Pressure Fitting Systems.

Signature only make mouthguards and we offer every solution to National Sporting Organizations, Dentists, Professional, Olympic and local sporting participants from the general public. Only our combination of precision tooled mouthguard shells and hand craftsmanship can produce the worlds best mouthguard systems in just a few moments.

Signature’s complete range adapts to a Dentist Practice, most vacuum forming and pressure based machines as well as simple water warming methods for retail sales. Experienced technicians marvel at our systems accurate and simple adaption techniques. Our customers enjoy our premium products and top quality dental solutions. Australians love our local product with international standards.

Priced To Compete

Our pricing makes sense. Signature Mouthguards are proud of our 300+ Australian made and owned products.

Our designs use all methods from classic boil and bite to pressure formed solutions so you can expect to find a price to match your every need. From $10 to $1000, our complete Signature mouthguard System suits every Patient, Dentist and National Sporting Organisation.

Professional Fit

Our Signature personnel are your most valuable resource, they work closely with you to guarantee a professional custom fit system perfect for your needs.

If you are a local Sydney Dentist, a dental laboratory or even every weekends sporting participants you will enjoy how our systems save you time and increase your potential for revenue by adapting to every need.

Locally Targeted Specialist Services

Our promise to you is that our specialist service is locally targeted.

Signature is an Australian icon only making mouthguards using every possible means since 1995. Our systems are also exported to 21 countries around the world and have been used, tested and adopted by National Sporting Organisation Boxing Australia and The Australian Institute of Sport.

Limited Dental Warranty / Health Insurance Rebate

Our limited dental warranty ensures you and your smile are better protected than ever.

A Dentist can ensure your authentic Signature VIPA mouthguard and health care rebate.

Your Safety is Wearing Your Signature




Suited for most casual sports - a classic australian success




current standard in classic warm and fit mouthguards




customized protection with Vector Impact Performance Armour




Elite level Athletes, Military and Professional Sports